“A Special Christmas” A New Christmas Song by Tom O Sullivan

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“A Special Christmas”
A New Christmas Song by Tom O Sullivan
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A Special Christmas – Tom O Sullivan

Song Background
I felt compelled as a musician and songwriter to produce a song for Christmas. And what a rollercoaster year 2020 has been.

This song is about, hope, celebration, family, appreciating what we have and making the most of our lot.

There are references to, the inspiring innocence of children, front line workers offering care, love ones away from home feeling connected with their families, about hard times that will pass and the indomitable human spirit that overcomes set backs.
I tried to emphasize positivity and happiness rather than dwelling too much on the Pandemic.
Overall, despite the hardships the message is “we are all in this together” so “let’s make it a special Christmas to remember”

I hope this song will give people a lift. My principal influences are folk ballads, country and pop.
All my songs are original. I usually start with an idea that comes to me quite spontaneously out of the blue.
My other interests include, playing concertina to Irish traditional music, outdoor adventures, sailing and walking my dogs.
I truly love writing songs and bringing joy to people’s lives.

I welcome interview requests.

Contact Details
Mobile – (087) 122 5919
Email – info@tomosullivan.com

Thanks to Kieran Walsh Great Island Media who filmed and produced the video with 24 hours on request, great job. 🎥

☎️ 0833132663

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