Anna Mcnicholas Molloy – Great Island Hero

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Congratulations to Anna Mcnicholas Molloy who was presented the Eurospar Ireland Cobh & Cobh News Great Island Hero Award for October 2020 in association with Great Island Media this weekend following Level 5 restrictions.

After a wealth of nominations, Anna was genuinely deserving of the award for both her work in her job and also the community.

“I would like to nominate Anna Mcnicholas Molloy. The most amazing human. Always there for every parent and child. Always on hand to help with the Regatta and St Patrick’s Day for art etc.
She is known in this town for her great personality and kindness.
Deserves to be recognised” 🥰

“I would also like to nominate Anna Mcnicholas Molloy. The best, hardest working childcare worker in town and one of the nicest people anyone could hope to meet. All our kids loved their time with Anna. Nobody is more deserving.”

“I would like to nominate Anna Mcnicholas Molloy. She spends every waking hour educating loving and caring for children. She makes it so easy for parents to walk away that first day of preschool that we all dread. She is the ladybirds leader. She minds children like they are her own. Years of dedication and still with the same commitment she started with years ago. Thanks Anna” ❤️

“I would also like to nominate Anna Mcnicholas Molloy. She is just an amazing person inside and out. She gives everything she has into making sure our kids love preschool and enjoy learning. She isn’t only there for the kids but also the parents. I am so glad my daugther got to spend her time in pre school with anna. She is always doing stuff for other people and never takes any of the credit. She definitely deserves it.”

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