Cobh’s Victoria Keating from Frenches Avenue – Little Rooms, Big Music ‘The Poor Ground’

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Cobh’s Victoria Keating from Frenches Avenue – Little Rooms, Big Music ‘The Poor Ground’. It was written with my lovely friends Aine O’Gorman and Jamie Kelly about the Tuam Mother and Baby Home. We released it last week and are having some great feedback, including from Christy Moore

“It’s beautiful, horrific…..
the beauty holds me there as the horror
I love the way it builds from heartbeat to
symphony, ….the harmonies are awesome
the images reinforce the narrative perfectly.
It’s a tour de force.”
Christy Moore

The Poor Ground

I’m also writing a blog at the moment as well. I have a short Facebook show every Friday at 8pm here:

I was asked by a friend of mine to start a blog about writing as she loved the way I talk about music. I started writing an introductory paragraph about where I grew up in French’s Avenue and eight blogs later, I’m still writing that paragraph! I love writing it and it goes out every Sunday on the page .

Victoria and Aine came together to write this song in March 2017, after the bodies of 796 babies and children were found in a septic tank on the grounds of the Tuam
Mother and Baby Home. Victoria and Aine finished the song over the summer and recorded it with the very talented Martin Leahy.

Released on social media on Monday, the video has had a hugely emotional reaction.

Many viewers commenting
on how powerful the song and video are.
The video has been shared 120 times in just 6 days with two global pages sharing it to their followers of almost 450,000

Victoria Keating and Aine O Gorman are singer-songwriters from West Cork.
Eve Blaire of BBC Radio Ulster said of Aine’s debut single ‘Lydia’ “Absolutely stunning”
While 3 time Grammy award winning producer Ryan Freeland said of ‘Lydia’ “what a beautiful track” Aine’s last single ‘Desolation’ was viewed over 170,000 times on Facebook during the first lockdown.

Victoria has worked with Christy Moore extensively since 2011, providing harmony vocals on five albums. She has also provided harmonies on Declan Sinnott’s second
solo album. She has toured extensively with Christy and with Declan Sinnott playing
sold out venues such as The Acoustic stage, Glastonbury and Vicar Street Dublin. She
is building a loyal fanbase on her weekly show ‘Little Rooms, Big Music’ and is
recording her first album of original material with Declan Sinnott and Martin Leahy.

Lyrics and Music: Victoria Keating, Aine O’Gorman and Jamie Kelly
Vocals: Victoria Keating and Aine O’Gorman
Guitar, pedal steel, double bass and percussion: Martin Leahy
Produced, mixed and mastered by Martin Leahy
Video by Martin Leahy with photographs by Abandoned West Cork and Aine O’

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