Cork Lower Harbour Main Drainage Project Update

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Cork Lower Harbour Main Drainage Project Update

As Ireland, our communities and our businesses, respond to the challenges of COVID-19, Irish Water is working proactively with our delivery partners and as part of a multi-agency working group to ensure that our construction works are carried out in a controlled and safe manner, in keeping with Government and HSE guidelines to protect workers, their families and the broader community.

Irish Water has reviewed the new Government restrictions issued in relation to COVID-19 on January 6th, 2021 and would like to assure customers that we are working with our delivery partners to continue essential operational and construction works to ensure the continuity of drinking water and wastewater services and to safeguard the health and well-being of staff and the public.

Work will continue on the Cobh Networks Contract as part of the Cork Lower Harbour Main Drainage Project.  This project is delivering essential wastewater infrastructure to protect public health, to meet housing and development needs, address legacy infrastructure deficiencies and to improve compliance with environmental standards.

Strict operating procedures have been implemented across all sites to provide for social distancing, staggered working arrangements, increased hygiene requirements and the use of additional PPE as appropriate.  These enhanced safety measures are subject to regular auditing and review by Irish Water’s teams and are also subject to independent checks by the Health and Safety Authority. We will closely monitor all operational and construction activity to ensure best practices are adhered to and transmission of the virus is prevented.

 Information on works provided in this update:

1.       Monkstown/Sand Quay works

2.       Cobh Town Networks Contract

·         Outfall Works

·         Town Centre

·         Ongoing Work


1.       Monkstown/Sand Quay works

As part of the Cork Lower Harbour Project – Estuary Crossing Contract, we have installed two odour management units in the Monkstown area.  The first was installed last year on the Glen Road, the second installation, on the island adjacent to Sand Quay, was completed recently in accordance with planning permission (ref. number YA005 146B YM003).

We are working to ensure that this necessary equipment will be appropriately screened as part of the landscaping and planting on the island.  

2.    Cobh Town Networks Contract

Farrans Sorensen Joint Venture (FSJV) is working on behalf of Irish Water to deliver this contract as part of the Cork Lower Harbour Main Drainage Project.

2.1 Outfall Works

Works to install an emergency overflow pipe at Station Car Park Pumping Station is ongoing.

These emergency overflow or outfall pipes are necessary at each of the new pumping stations installed as part of the works – at Rushbrooke, Dock Cottages, Cork Dockyard and Old Town Hall.

Unlike the work at the outfall for Station Car Park, the outfalls at the other four pumping stations will be installed from the sea.

This work will begin this week and will continue over the coming months.  The work will be carried out by a specialist subcontractor and will include the use of a pontoon barge. This barge will be assisted by one or more support craft.

As the pipelines are installed, the water surrounding the works may appear cloudy at times due to the disturbance of sediment. We will use silt curtains to contain this to a small area around the works.

Work on the first outfall at Rushbrooke will begin on Thursday 8th April 2021.

Information shared as a Mariner’s Notice (Notice 3 of 2021) is available at the Port of Cork website here

2.2 Town Centre

The East Beach/West Beach road is now being resurfaced and will re-open to through traffic from Friday 9th April 2021. We would like to thank the local Cobh businesses and community for your patience while we completed the laying of sewer pipelines from Old Town Hall to just beyond the Centra carpark. 

Some works remain to complete connections to this pipeline system and some ESB ducting. These works will commence on Monday 12th April 2021.  A localised Stop / Go traffic management will be in place to maintain traffic flow as works are being completed at each of the work areas at Pearse’s Square, Casement Square and West Beach, respectively. The works are expected to take 6 weeks to complete.

2.4 Ongoing Work

Works are continuing at the pumping station sites at Old Town Hall, Cork Dockyard and intermittently at Station Carpark, Rushbrooke Hotel and Dock Cottages. These work areas are completely fenced off and monitored by works personnel. Pipelaying work is continuing at Connolly Street/The Mall under a road closure.

We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank the public for their co-operation and patience while works progress.

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