Following the Grand Theft of a Heron from the new Public Art Work at Velvet Cross Roundabout commisioned by Cobh Tidy Towns, talented all-rounder Marion Rose Horgan has written a poem

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Come Back Harry Heron!
By Marion Horgan

Please come back Harry Heron,
What in the world is occurin’?
You were here the briefest time
And now you’re gone, it’s such a crime!

You didn’t get a chance to settle,
To prove your worth and show your metal
You had hardly landed when
You had disappeared again!

We’re shocked and angry, Harry Heron,
The whole community concurring
Without you, there’s an empty space.
Missing birds are hard to trace.

We’ll try to find you, Harry Heron,
Let there be no doubt or no demurrin
This truly is an awful scandal,
We’re hoping you’re too hot to handle!

Harry Heron we want you back,
to nest in Cobh and enjoy the craic.
But…depending on where you’ve been,
You might just have to quarantine!

Marion Rose Horgan

Cobh Tidy Towns
What a 24hours! Thank you to each and every one of you for your shares on social media, radio and print media. Thank you for your shared sense of disappointment and disgust at the theft of our heron. The news has traveled far and wide so we are still hopeful it will be found or left somewhere for us to find.
We’ll sign off today with a light hearted poem sent into us by one of our lovely supporters Marion. Enjoy 😉

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