Tara Sweeney – Great Island Hero Award Winner for February

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Congratulations to Tara Sweeney the Eurospar Ireland Cobh & Cobh News Great Island Hero Award Winner for January 2021 in association with Great Island Media

“Can I nominate Tara Sweeney. She lives in Whitepoint cobh. She’s raised thousands of euro for charity’s in the last few months alone. Bumblance and penny dinners to name just 2. She gives out food on Sunday night to the homeless. As well as helping them at any time there in need. She went up to the city last night and pitched a tent for a homeless man. Doing all this while having 4 children of her own. Genuinely deserves the recognition”

“I would like to nominate Tara Sweeney on her amazing work she’s doing for the homeless” 😊

“Tara Sweeney for the unbelievable work shes been doing over the last few months raising money for numerous charities and now shes working to help the homeless of Cork”

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