This Week, I’m Working With Being Well – Stan Notte on Cobh News

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This Week, I’m Working With Being Well – Stan Notte on Cobh News.

Stan returns this week on Cobh News again with an extraordinary audio piece that ultimately ends with his poem ‘Christmas Message’

Stans honesty and insight in to his own mental health and particularly the struggles that this time of year bring normally not even mentioning the crazyness of 2020.

Please take time out to give it a listen.

Christmas Message

The rider called me today
‘Jump.’ it said, just float away.
In the swell of my love
I will hold you like a glove
pull you down into the deep
where forever you can sleep
and forget all of the pain
that has driven you insane.

I will take you as you are
on your feet or in your car
sing a shanty as you sink
and together we will sync
as one into the ocean
where Love is not a notion
and bliss you cannot miss
will shine from every fish

that will feast upon your soul while the tide around you rolls
to commemorate the way
you existed day to day
in a world you did not fit
for you were never well equipped
to deal with all the hate
the world endlessly creates.’

‘But Love is not the sea.’
said I, though I could see
how the beauty of the ocean
could sooth my pain emotions
and free me from the weight
so many people’s hate
has forced in to my mind
making life a daily grind

No. Love is not the sea.
And the sea is not for me.
So thank you for the offer
you so tenderly have proffered
but I will go now on my way to face at least one more day.
For Love it is for giving,
and for that you must be living.

Stan has Cork themed Christmas cards available on his website. The insides as you can see feature Cork Lingo. Perfect to remind family abroad of Cork. Perfect to remind NON- Cork friends that Cork is the Real Capital. Perfect for any true Rebel.

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